Decatur Georgia Moving Companies

Atlanta households needing a trusted and reliable moving company in Inmann Park or Decatur Georgia call on Mark the Mover for their moving needs. Household relocation customers have learned over the years the value of dealing with an established moving company. The moving industry is rife with companies that set up a web-site and run their moving business with a cell phone and an old truck. Some even try to do a good job, but others are created just to take advantage of consumers that only shop for what they believe was a low price.

Decatur movers with a household net worth accumulated over the years and probably prior experiences with moving and household relocations themselves know the lowest price isn’t the best deal. Some inexperienced consumers are trying one of those price based advertisers.

But smart local movers flock to Mark the Mover to ensure that the process does not spiral out of control. A moving company that is not prepared with the proper insurance and enough workers tends to in-convenience the household relocating by showing up late or not at all, or with out enough workers or trucks.

At first some people might think prices seem high, but the best moving companies throw more resources at a move than the companies that can only compete on price. Consumers call and Mark the Mover analyzes the situation and recommend a crew size and number of trucks.

The best local movers use 20-30 foot local moving trucks, or “vans” for maximum maneuverability in town. Mark the Mover will sometimes use up to four trucks to move a single household. Once the first truck is loaded it can relocate to the destination and we form a sort of assembly line that compresses the time it takes to move. Experienced moving customers that value their time like this approach.

With more men, despite a higher cost per hour, many times the move is just as cheap as the other guys, because you pay for less hours. Moving households also appreciate better crews, if I do say so myself. The best moving companies have guys (and gals!) that are well dressed and behave respectfully which is something Decatur Ga movers appreciate.

So if you fell for that low price thing in the past and want a mover with the best reputation in Atlanta call Mark the Mover at 404-351-0018 or visit the web-site at

Local household movers in Decatur Georgia find that Decatur is a great town. With a variety of entertainment and restaurants, Decatur is also a quiet and welcoming community. With a wide range of employers, it is a good place to raise a family. Employsers in Decatur Ga include:

Here are some of the biggest employers in Decatur, Georgia:

  • DeKalb County School District
  • Northside Hospital Inc.
  • Northside Hospital
  • Kroger Stores
  • Wellstar Health System
  • Gwinnett County Public Schools
  • Agnes Scott College
  • Presbyterian Homes of Georgia
  • Laurel Baye Healthcare LLC
  • Bonanza Productions Inc
  • HH Holdings Inc
  • Farm Burger
  • Dekalb Farmers Market

These employers offer a variety of jobs in different industries, so there is sure to be something for everyone. Decatur is a great place to find a job, and the city is growing rapidly.

  • DeKalb County School District is the largest employer in Decatur, with over 10,000 employees. The district operates over 100 schools and employs teachers, administrators, support staff, and bus drivers.
  • Northside Hospital Inc. is a private, not-for-profit health system with over 10,000 employees. The system operates three hospitals in DeKalb County, as well as a number of other facilities, including outpatient centers, urgent care centers, and physician offices.
  • Kroger Stores is a national grocery chain with over 2,700 stores in 35 states. The company has a large distribution center in Decatur, which employs over 1,000 people.
  • Wellstar Health System is a not-for-profit health system with over 20,000 employees. The system operates four hospitals in DeKalb County, as well as a number of other facilities, including outpatient centers, urgent care centers, and physician offices.
  • Gwinnett County Public Schools is the second largest employer in Decatur, with over 8,000 employees. The district operates over 100 schools and employs teachers, administrators, support staff, and bus drivers.

Decatur Georgia also has a wide variety of parks and recreation. For entertainment, Decatur is home to the world famous Eddie’s Attic on 515 N. McDonough St. where famous musicians stop by.  Decatur is near the Fernbank 3D theater, and exciting movie venue for presenting 3D films on a giant screen.

Parks in Decatur include:

  • Glenlake Park is a 32-acre park located in the heart of Decatur. The park features a playground, picnic areas, a swimming pool, tennis courts, and a walking trail. Glenlake Park is also home to the Decatur Recreation Center, which offers a variety of classes and programs for all ages.
  • Lullwater Park is a 26-acre park located on the Chattahoochee River. The park features a lake, a waterfall, a nature trail, and a playground. Lullwater Park is also home to the Decatur Botanical Garden, which features a variety of plants and flowers from around the world.
  • Mason Mill Park is a 120-acre park located in the northern part of Decatur. The park features a playground, picnic areas, a walking trail, and a disc golf course. Mason Mill Park is also home to the DeKalb County Animal Shelter.
  • Deepdene Park is a 100-acre park located in the eastern part of Decatur. The park features a playground, picnic areas, a walking trail, and a historic mansion. Deepdene Park is also home to the Decatur Arts Alliance, which offers a variety of art classes and workshops for all ages.
  • Medlock Park is a 70-acre park located in the southern part of Decatur. The park features a playground, picnic areas, a walking trail, and a dog park. Medlock Park is also home to the Decatur Tennis Center, which offers a variety of tennis lessons and clinics for all ages.

Decatur also has a variety of private schools, a few examples are:

  • Academe of the Oaks is a college preparatory school for girls in grades 9-12. The school is located in Decatur and offers a rigorous academic program, as well as a variety of extracurricular activities.
  • Arbor Montessori School is a Montessori school for children in preschool through eighth grade. The school is located in Decatur and offers a unique approach to education that emphasizes hands-on learning and self-directed exploration.
  • Cambridge Academy is a private school for students in grades K-8. The school is located in Decatur and offers a challenging academic program, as well as a variety of extracurricular activities.
  • Decatur 1st United Methodist Preschool & Kindergarten is a private preschool and kindergarten located in Decatur. The school offers a variety of programs for children ages 3-5, including a full-day program, a half-day program, and a morning program.
  • Saint Thomas More Catholic School is a private Catholic school for students in grades K-8. The school is located in Decatur and offers a rigorous academic program, as well as a variety of extracurricular activities.

Decatur, Georgia is also near a Costco, a vitally important consideration in today’s world. Located in the Brookhaven area, it is unfortunately about a 30 minute jaunt up either Clairmont Rd. or N. Druid Hills Rd. A Sam’s Club is about half the distance, so for some this is a good alternative.

So, as you can see, Decatur Georgia is an excellent community for Atlanta movers to consider moving. Decatur is a diverse and inclusive area, and the downtown hosts a variety of fun festivals. One I remember was the Festival of Doors, or the Doors of Decatur. I can’t remember why this had become a weekend downtown gathering, but they had cotton candy, hot dogs, fun for kids and grownups, and they played Jim Morrison music. 

The bottom line is that Decatur is a great place, and I recommend it.

Larry Weaver, Decatur resident

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